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Reorganization Land Use Plan FNP Jüterbog 2019

The FIRU mbH has been commissioned with the preparation of the land use plan (FNP) and the sub-FNP “wind energy” in the municipality Jüterbog (Land Brandenburg). The landscape planning task is handled by the office Fugmann Janotta Partner, Berlin.

The city of Jüterbog in the district of Teltow-Fläming currently has 12,500 inhabitants who live in the core city and the village-shaped districts Fröhden, Grüna, Kloster Zinna, Markendorf, Neuheim, Neuhof and Werder. The city extends over a district of about 175 km ².

The occasion for a reorganization of the land use and landscape plan results from current developments, the changing demands and user structures of the population, changed development perspectives, changed planning fundamentals (existing plans and concepts) as well as other changed general conditions.

The zoning plan has the function of programmatically planning the urban development of the city of Jüterbog for a medium-term period of about 20 years. A balance is to be found between the developmental intentions arising from endogenous potentials and the actual or supposed developmental ideas induced by investors and potential interested parties.

The establishment of the land-use plan also pursues the goal of ensuring environmental compatibility for future developments by means of appropriate representations. The environmental impact assessment focuses on area-based identification, description and assessment of environmental impacts.

After completion of the first phase of analysis and a scoping appointment, the preliminary draft will be prepared in close consultation with the city council and the relevant authorities. The participation of the public will take up a lot of space.

The completion and decision is planned until mid-2021.

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. K. Wehmann